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Q: What is energy healing and how does it work?
A: Energy healing is a natural method of balancing and regulating your body's energy. An energy healer is trained how to channel that healing energy, so it flows throughout the meridians and chakras of your body, and helps to balance the mind-body-spirit connection.

Q: How does your work as a vocal teacher open hearts?
A: As a voice teacher, I focus intensely on the student's breathing, working on expanding ones breath capacity and control. Breath is Chi (or Ki), is life itself. While the breathing serves the individually vocally, it also creates better blood flow and energy flow throughout the body and it's energy field. Helping the student develop a better understanding and connection to that which sustains them also facilitates the discovery of their own voice. Each of us was born with our own song. In my work as a vocal teacher and healing practitioner, the greatest gift is to observe a student discover their own individuality of expression and a joy of song - their own personal song. The student experiences a deep connection with their soul and their heart. I have seen this manifest in various ways: feeling more confident, happier, more expressive and more creative. I watch every student grow in way that they themselves do not see. Witnessing this transformation lets me know I have somehow made a difference in that person's life - opening their heart to joy and to finding and expressing the song of their soul. 

Q: Music moves the spirit and nourishes the soul. This work, as a vocal teacher, is not separate from your work as a healing facilitator and guide. Please explain further?
A: My work allows me to observe healing transformations on all levels, emotional, physical, spiritual. Just as with each person having a unique song, each also is a unique life force and a beating heart that keeps this life force flowing. I believe all humanity - every individual life force - is connected., having a shared consciousness I would call the heart of humanity and a shared connectedness to the Divine. Healing can begin on many levels. Recognizing we are one with each other and one with the Divine, goes to the heart of each person so that healing and unconditional love will eventually spread and heal not only the individual, but the heart of all humanity. I believe we can create the foundation for a new spirit of connection and knowing, with one another. The Healing Room, is a great place to start! In facilitating the healing of others, I am in one way, helping to facilitate the healing of the world around me. 

Q: How did you go from an opera performer to energy healing practioner?
A: It wasn't until the sudden and unexpected passing of my husband, and a girl-friend casually mentioning the word Reiki, that I had never even given any thought to energy healing. I had no idea what Reiki was, had never heard of it, nor what it meant. Yet, it was almost immediately the day following her mentioning Reiki, that I couldn't seem to escape the word. It appeared to be everywhere! Literally! I couldn't open a a magazine, or journal or newspaper that the word didn't seem to leap off the page! It was suddenly on fliers wherever I went: outside the grocery store, the drug store, on library I finally got the message - I was suppose to look into this. At first, I read a number of books on the subject but didn't fully grasp any of it. I then just decided to trust instinct, the message, and seek out a Reiki master/teacher. After the attunement ritual, as she was putting out the candles and turning down the music, she said the most profound words ever spoken to me: "Your life is now forever changed."

Q: Explain how or why you use the Himalayan Bowls or the Crystal bowls to facilitate healing
A: Our bodies are composed of crystal and 90% water. And water is liquid crystal. Sound/Music is universal. It is the one language that resonates with everything in the universe. The vibrations of the bowls vibrate at our core, meaning at the atoms, molecular and cellular levels. The underlying structure of all things is highly tuned, highly vibrational (therefore, alive) unified Systems of vibrations. And as such, since our bodies are made up of vibrations, the body responds to vibration at the crystalline level. We resonate healthy or unhealthy. When we are out of "resonance", we have dissonance - we're unhealthy, disease occurs. The bowls resonate with the crystalline and water elements that we're made of, helping to re-align our natural/healthy vibrational state.

Q: What takes place in a healing session that you facilitate?
A: What I do in the healing room and how I do it are much same thing. Before a client arrives, I conduct a cleansing ritual for the room, not to necessarily remove anything negative, but rather to reconnec with the vibrational frequencies of love, thereby enhancing and freshening a renewed environment for my client. Transformation out of the stress of daily life begins the moment a client enters this healing space. Intuitively, for some clients I may set out candles, incense and meditative music, providing an ambiance to make this transformation possible. For others, the silence is welcoming. Each client's need are different. Some clients want to talk about why they are there, others not. During the work, I stay open to any instructions from higher sources as to want to bring into the healing session in order to best serve my client.


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