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Priscilla Gale Priscilla Gale is a life-long spiritual seeker. Her commitment to her own spiritual journey, and the adventure of living every day to its fullest, enables her to help clients explore their fullest potential. She teaches that the true experience of oneness and wholeness is based in recognizing everyone is far more than just the sum of the parts, but a vitally important part of a greater whole of the heart of humanity. From a spiritual and energetic point of view, Priscilla teaches that if you accept that we are all connected to a Universal Mind (Source, God, Higher Intelligence-by whatever name you give it), having been spun from that loving hand of the Divine, then are we not all divine, and therefore also all love. If we are all love, and have within us that which is divine, then we are all One; one spirit, all connected to that one universalmind/intelligence. Formerly an international opera singer, now as Minister and High Priestess, she is devoted to a life of learning, having studied multiple spiritual paths and healing modalities in the service of mankind, and the planet.

Priscilla can be seen in the documentary film and TV show "The Difference".

Priscilla participates in delivering her message in many different ways. To listen to a selection of her recent broadcasts please go to the Links page

Crystal Singing Bowls with Reiki
Sound is one of the fundamental elements that make-up vibrational medicine. As carriers of the universe, Crystal Singing Bowls carry and transmit the universal life force energy of Reiki. As Reiki is life force energy, when in combination with the singing bowls, it enhances and intensifies the healing process by restoring wholeness, correcting, deepening and amplifying the harmonic balance throughout the physical, mental and emotional whole self, creating a symphony of health and vibrancy.

Master Usui-Tibetan Enhanced Reiki Reconnective Healing practioner Himalayan International Association of Reiki Professionals
Karuna Reiki Reconnection Healing Crystal World Reiki Association
Shamballa Reiki Level III Magnified Healing practitioner   American Council of Holistic Healers
  Light Initiation practitioner   New England Holistic Chamber of Commerce
  Master/Teacher Blue Moon Isis   Assabet Valley Chamber of Commerce
  Consciousness Bars Practitioner   American Holistic Health Association
  Certified Medical Intuitive
Spiritual Counselor
  American Association of Healers
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